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RCS CRATE ENGINE-445/440-Chrysler 850cfm Carbureted

650 Hp/585 Ft.Lbs on 93 pump gas

RCS 383 Carbureted

RCS Engineered Racing Engines
Engine Special - Chrysler 445/440

With 650Hp and 585lbs of torque, creating peak Hp is at 6,800 rpm's and peak torque is at 4,800.This is great all-around power package for hotrods, streetrods and bracket cars; torque is high maintaining a nice power band finishing up at 7,300. Idle quality is great at 950 to 1,000 rpms creating about 10-12 inches of manifold vacuum to run power brakes. This engine is supplied with a mechanical roller camshaft, shaft roller rockers and RCS- CNC ported Indy Heads. The compression ratio is 11-1 requiring the use of 93 octane fuels. In this engine combo we used a reworked open plenum Victor 440 intake because of the smaller cross-sectional port area it has for maximum air speed at lower rpms.

RCS 383 Crate Carbureted