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RCS CRATE ENGINE-302-8.2 S/B Ford 750cfm Carbureted

470 Hp/410 Ft.Lbs

RCS 383 Carbureted

RCS Engineered Racing Engines
Engine Special - Ford 302-8.2 SB

With 470Hp and 410lbs of torque, creating peak Hp is at 6,300 rpm's and peak torque is at 4,700. This is great all-around power package for hotrods and streetrods; torque is high maintaining a nice power band finishing up at 6,500 rpms. Idle quality is great at 850 to 950 rpms creating about 10-12 inches of manifold vacuum to run power brakes. In this engine we installed a special hydraulic roller camshaft designed to move air with .650 lift and the use of Jessel shaft rockers. The compression ratio is 10.5 -1 requiring the use of 93 octane fuels. In this engine combo we used a dual plane intake manifold with a reworked plenum keeping small runners but taking advantage of the open plenum design we created for maximum cylinder fill creating 115%VE through the power curve.

This engine uses CNC ported steel OEM heads that flow 250cfms with a port volume of 143cc. We believe in using ever cfm of air an engine can generate through the induction system only requiring 1.21 cfm of air per horse power developed.

RCS 383 Crate Carbureted