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With the competitiveness in the Crate Engine Industry consumers are overcome by the repetitiveness in engines offered. All I can say is to choose according to these simple points. Don't let the lowest price drive your decision, consider where the engine is coming from, is it a resale company or an engine shop that has a good reputation for quality, performance and service. Consider the knowledge, skill and experience the builder has. Even the best builders can experience an unforeseen issue and yes even the big 3 in Detroit have problems. You may also want to consider if you need something slightly different than what's being offered. Is the engine builder or retailer willing to accommodate your needs and finally, what type of warranty do they offer and is it worth more than the paper it's written on, that is if they have one.


RCS Crate engines are engines that we have found to be popular in the industry and to us. This allows us to build these types of engines in a repetitive and cost effective manner. RCS Crate Engines are constructed of the highest quality parts and labor allowing the maximum life and performance from each design offered keeping the cost down. RCS has an on-going R&D program that keeps our engine packages up to date with the latest technology and the best options available today.


All of RCS Crate Engines are offered at a variety of power and rpm ranges, which can be accomplished by a simple camshaft change or addition port work or a intake manifold change. You are not limited to one advertised package; the ones offered are just popular due to the power level and cost. Additional power can be offered to a particular package without addition cost in many cases. If an engine size is not shown this does not mean we don't build it, RCS is a custom engine builder that also offers other popular engines sizes and power package as well.


When purchasing a RCS Crate Engine they are fully assembled and dyno tested for leaks, mechanical operations and tuned for max power. Each engine comes with an assembly warranty, which covers any workmanship performed by RCS for a period of one year. Part and related labor from part failure warranties if applicable would be warranted by the part manufactures if accepted.


Engines being shipped are crated into a heavy duty 3/4" plywood wooden crate along with any extra parts, gaskets, etc... Engines are plastic shrink wrap and secured to the crate, while each crate is designed to be forklift/pallet truck friendly for the ease of shipping. All shipping crates and shipping are at cost and shipping is limited to the Continental USA for all complete engine sales. All Freight Carriers and rates are chosen at the discretion of RCS or customer, while all shipping is only offered to commercial business address locations, no home residents. The need for lift gates and or added services for delivery are not included in base freight rates and will require additional shipping cost.

RCS Crate Engine AssemblyRCS Crate Engine Assembly

RCS Crate Engine AssemblyRCS Crate Engine Assembly

RCS Crate Engine AssemblyRCS Crate Engine Assembly

RCS Crate Engine AssemblyRCS Crate Engine Assembly

RCS Crate Engines Dyno TestingRCS Crate Engines

RCS Engine CrateRCS Engine Crate