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69 Camaro Classic Cars

RCS Classic Car Engines are built to restore the OEM power package for the year and model matching the OEM factory ratings as close as possible. With today's technology we are capable of restoring them back to OEM with added power gains making the car feel and drive even more impressive than originally, yet keeping the OEM engine look and sound.

In the OEM restoring industry it's getting harder to fine good reusable engine components like blocks, heads and intake manifolds. In many cases builder are forced to cross reference casting numbers and then add the require stamp number to blocks to make the core part usable for a year and model. This is a common modification that has become an acceptable option if working with a block or head casting numbers and manufacture dates that are close to the vehicle's manufacturing date.

396 OEM BB

The above picture is an OEM 375Hp 396 BB Chevy with aluminum GM Snowflake rectangular port heads. These heads are number matching to the engine and vehicle, including the build date of the cylinder heads. We were very lucky to find a set of these heads setting on a racers shelf for over 20 years.
In this case the customer wanted to increase the power of the engine over stock. All we did in the rebuilding process was change the camshaft design to a solid roller and install roller rockers, everything else is designed as OEM.

The engine made 480 Hp and 500 lbs. of torque with the factory carb, intake manifold, heads, and block, that's 1.2Hp per cubic inch. Thanks to the flow rates of the OEM cylinder heads and induction this was easy to do. GM only made 277 aluminum head 396 engines with the small 1.76 exhaust and 2.190 intake valves diameters in the closed chamber head design. The remaining heads GM made of this style went to the 427 BB and the difference was GM changed the exhaust valve diameter size to 1.880.

396 BB OEM