RCS Performance Engineering


Ron Stanislawczyk of RCS Racing Engines has been designing and developing racing engines and components for the past 40 years, with over 10,000 performance engines completed and tested. RCS has become a resource for knowledge and machining services for the racer and racing industry. RCS is housed in an 18,000 sq. ft. facility supported by an 8,000 sq. ft. engine machine shop equipped with all the necessary machinery and testing equipment, including their 3-4 & 5 axis CNC machining centers. RCS is an induction and valvetrain specialist and has developed engines that operate in excess of 11,000 rpms.

Ron Stanislawczyk is also the education director at RCS/AMS Votech which offers a complete set of educational programs and courses for the performance enthusiast and the racing engine industry. With this much knowledge and skill available, RCS Racing Engines is the best choice for all the engines needs of both the beginner and the veteran racer.


While we build mostly domestic style engines, we also build and modify the import families. We offer all the same sevices needed for both domestic and import engines for the performance industry. The physics of engine designing and engineering is the same for all engines and sizes - it's just the values that change creating a different outcome. The applied science and technology that is implemented in one engine design is also supported by another, which is why we are able to create engine efficiency from all engines. Having experience with just about all types of engines has allowed us to make winners out of most of them. RCS has experience in building small displacement engines as well as the monster Big Blocks.


Not all engines are designed and built for maximum power. An engine should be designed around the power, torque and rpm needed, which in most cases is what the customer wants or what is required to be competitive. With that in mind engine efficiency can be overlooked, creating a lot of complaints from the customer. At RCS engine efficiency or as we call it: "drivability" is the key, and the lack of it affects every part of the engine's total performance, from idle quality to throttle response and hard acceleration. Even deceleration is important when it comes to "drivability". These are the characteristics that make the engine predictable and allows you to drive the car and not the engine. This type of engine building only comes with years of experience and a true understanding of engine technology.


Our customers are people like you -- racers that race every weekend, hot-rodders that cruise the streets, boaters that pound the waves and off-roaders that beat the trails. We support all our customers in their love for speed and the thrill it brings, that's why we give so much more attention to our customer’s needs. Our meticulous nature of doing things right serves to reassure our customers that we are here for them as perfectionists that are willing to take the painstaking time to do it right the first time.


RCS offers a complete line of custom built engines for just about everyone's needs. We don't specialize in just one family of engines like so many other engine builders. To us the engine is just an air pump, while the benefits come from engine efficiency and improved breathing capacity. When the engine designer truly understands how an engine works, it is predictable to create the necessary power bands and power outputs a customer is looking for. In most cases the customer relies on our opinion and direction as to the best combination for their needs. RCS offers repairs or partial rebuilding services as well. Single machining services for those customers that build or repair their own engines is also available.